Youth Empowerment

After the February 2011 revolution, the question of youth has taken a central position in Libya. Even though nearly 73 % of the Libyan population is under the age of 40, the Libyan youth have been deprived of their important role in building Libya's future.

Nevertheless, the activities of the Libyan youth have greatly affected the growth and prosperity of Libyan civil society organizations in various fields, whether political, humanitarian or social. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is committed to support the capacities of promising young Libyans through one of the foundation's most important programs in Libya: The Young Leaders Program. This program targets ambitious and active young people in civil society and interested in social justice and the building of a better and more just society. Participants come from all parts of Libya in order to optimize the representation of the diverse Libyan society.

The program educates and empowers the participants through workshops and trainings focusing on two main aspects: 1) Educational: building knowledge to benefit leaders in areas such as international human rights law, basics of civil and trade union work, democratic culture, migrants’ rights, and climate change. 2) Refine the skills of the Young Leaders: Management of projects and advocacy campaigns, scientific research methods, leadership, leading of healthy dialogues and debates, and accepting and understanding different perspectives. These workshops are held over the course of a whole year, where the participants meet to gain knowledge and form a network of local and international relations through meetings with representatives of international organizations and embassies.

This project began in Libya in its first generation in 2018. Its participants were supported by FES to prepare civil and political campaigns in Libya at the end of the program, so that the participants could apply their new skills directly on the ground. This program is ongoing in Libya and enters in 2021 in its 3rd generation. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is continuously looking for ambitious young people who are ready to participate in building the Libya that Libyan citizens aspire to.

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